Wordwide scope for TriGen

Global Opportunities for TriGen Driven Value Chains

  • Demand for electrical power expected to grow 50 – 80% until 2040.
  • Global gas reserves with more than 35% CO2: >100 Tcf, approximately 35 fields.
  • Current global potential for incremental oil production through EOR: >50 Bln bbls.
  • High CO2 gas fields and EOR targets may be found in the same region.


10 year market estimate for TriGen projects:

(in ‘units’ averaging 150 MW of capacity)

  • South-East Asia 10-15
  • United States 10-15
  • Mexico 5-10
  • Middle East 20-25
  • Europe 5-10

These 50 – 75 units represent 7.5 – 11.3 GW of zero-emission power, avoiding 40 – 60 mln tons of CO2 emissions and recovering an incremental 110-160 MMbbls of oil or condensates.

Scouting economics suggest a total investment in the order of 20-30 $ bln, yielding a project IRR of between 13-18%. The economics of projects vary and depend on local power-, oil- and gas price assumptions and tax regime.

More detailed market information available on request.

Future Worldwide Scope for TriGen

Our focus

  • Creation of 15 investible projects under current conditions & technology
  • Increase the TriGen Plant efficiency to > 45%


Estimated Number of Projects/Units


Project Sweet Spots
  • The produced commodities are sold in 5 different markets.
  • with current plant efficiencies projects are only viable if the local conditions are favourable.
  • projects require an adequate price level for the commodities produced/consumed and a reasonable proximity of fuel sources and EOR/EGR sinks, to be viable.

Example project configuration


The need for a Project Developer


  • Until now, TriGen was sold as a technology; the Energy sector however requires integrated solutions rather than technology.
  • An integrator and ‘orchestrator’ is required to bring and keep players together and coordinate the technical and commercialisation design.
  • Developing these value chains requires bringing together players and capabilities that are not commonly connected and have different business models.
  • Early benefit maximisation by individual players tends to block, the overall value creation/project development process.
  • TriGen technology is novel and potentially disruptive: the core technology is proven but has yet to be applied ‘at scale’ in Oil & Gas or Power applications.