Novel Value Chains

Monetization of Stranded Assets

Our unique Oxy-fuel combustors can burn a broad range of fossil fuels, even of low quality. They are extremely suitable for oil and gas applications, since they can easily adjusted for varying fuel mixtures. This enables us not only to use cheap or highly polluted gas, but also allows us to sequester the CO2 produced with the combustion back into the reservoir of origin.

TriGen Factory

The TriGen plant consists of an integration of an Air Separation Unit (ASU), an oxy-fuel gas combustor, a turbine, a generator and a CO2 and water separator. The high temperature combustion produces clean power, easily separated pure CO2 and demineralized water. The ASU also produces Nitrogen (N2) and industrial gasses.

Enhanced Oil or Gas Recovery

The cheaply produced CO2 can be used for EOR and EGR. Very sophisticated enhanced recovery mechanisms using combinations of CO2, N2, water and steam can be designed cheaply and easily at specific locations where the source reservoir supplying the fuel is in close proximity to the sink reservoir. TriGen value chains, from stranded asset to clean power to EOR, can be economically constructed.

This method unlocks new value chains:

Gas to Power and CO2 Sequestration

Power to EOR

Gas to Power to EOR/EGR

The Basic TriGen Concept

Converting (low quality) gas into clean power and CO2 for Enhanced Oil/Gas Recovery (EOR/EGR).


Oxy-Fuel Combustion

Oxy-Fuel combustion is the key technology. Burning fuel (gas) in pure oxygen, instead of atmospheric air makes it possible to:

  • Utilise low heating value gas, i.e. gas with a high CO2 content (up to 75-80%) to generate electrical power
  • Combine combustion and CO2 capture in a single, very simple process

Oxy-fuel combustion uses proven technologies. Other technologies cannot achieve full capture and are complex, capital- and energy intensive. The high combustion temperatures (up to 3000 oC) require a sophisticated burner design.


The patented oxy-fuel combustor technology from Clean Energy Systems Inc. (CES) provides a reliable burner design that has run for hundreds of hours and can handle fuel gas with up to 75% CO2

Fusion Bonded Platelets are the Heart of the Burner Technology

Comparison of Competing Technologies


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